Lots of people state that the business drives the technology whereas many people state that the technology drives the business. It really is unknown what is actually accountable for what and I have to admit the emergence from the information technology has truly managed to get much more complex. All those who are active in the business along with the technology are actually in dilemma what theory is true. However have different ideas. Personally i think that typically the technology drives the business and often the business drives the technology. And it’s also to state that the business and technology are interdependent. I must prove exactly the same with the aid of this short article.

Imagine that whenever it had been made the decision that every company must have a board of company directors. I have to admit that this is actually a really old practice. The ancient Romans too had this within their administration. I truly believe that this mean the technology came later on and therefore business need result in the evolution from the technology. As an example the telegraph grew to become famous due to the Reuters. In deed it had been the greatest news agency on the planet which first used the telegraph for his or her work. There are lots of more examples.

The commercial revolution which introduced concerning the great change in the area of the business was ignited because of the invention from the steam engine. This made the field of business grow forefront fold around the world. This provides us the indication the technology performed a huge role for business to get global. Actually the technology accounts for the globalization from the business.

But it doesn’t mean the technology drives the business. Yes, you are able to state that the technology boosts the speed where the business activities are carried out. But stating that the business is driven through the technology continues to be not correct.

Allow me to explain you another side of the subject. You realize why the telegraph is discovered. Yes this happened because the field of business needed this. The Reuters were the first one to make use of the telegraph plus they end up being the best on the planet. Hence are we able to state that the technology works because the leading edge to ensure that one business leads within the other? Yes this is actually the reality which time we’re absolutely right. This is actually the primary factor concerning the relationship between your technology and also the business.

It’s possible to only state that with the aid of technology you are able to win the race that is on one of the competition businessmen. Let us consider the publication of the first paragraph and i’m quiet confident to state that typically the business is driven through the technology and often the technology makes vicinity due to the business needs.