Correct posture makes half the difference to your health. This has a direct impact on your productivity. Which is why most offices are encouraging the use of sit stand desks. These desks are innovative ways of correcting your posture while standing and sitting because they are adjustable. This certainly reduces back and bone problems in the longer run. Precisely, you must use them in order to keep a bay from musculoskeletal disorders of all kinds

4 Different Sit Standing Desks That You Must Know About

The fresh concept of sit standing desk Canada is a meaningful way of minimizing the damage that the spinal cord has to go through when sitting or standing in the same position for hours while working. You can buy these for personal use and the below listed 4 are some of the coolest options that you might like.

  • Sit Standing Height Adjustable Desk Ergo Riser ADR – This sit standing desk has the capacity to accommodate a 26 inch monitor. Since it has 12 height adjusting options, it is perfectly suitable for tall as well as short people. It features two moveable side knobs that are used to increase or decrease the height. Besides, it has additional space to hold the mobile phones and tablets. Since it has a strong build, it doesn’t collapse.
  • Height Adjustable Desktop PC Adjustable Height Desk – This is an electric sit standing desk with a reminder system that blows up everytime you haven’t changed your position in for a long time. It has 3 height adjusting levels, 75-123 cms, 72.5-120.5 cms, and 92/102/112 cms. Also, it can hold upto 90 lbs weight. Lastly, its height adjusting speed is 18 mm/s.
  • Ergonomically Adjustable Height Adjustable Desk ADR – With 22 height adjusting options and additional grooves for securing tablets and smartphones in place, this sit standing desk has a unique construction with a gas spring option that ensures quick height transition speed. Besides its base is non-slippery and is fitted with silicone pads that help in avoiding any kind of damage to the floors from while the desk.
  • Adjustable Laptop Table Stand – This is portable laptop or computer stand that is fitted with a mouse pad desktop tray on the side. Since it is collapsible, it can be fixed into different viewing angles each time you work. Also, it can be used as a gaming table and a riser keyboard. Besides, it has a 360 degree rotating option that can be locked at any angle with the help of a push-down button.