As the use of cloud based storage of business data increases, the companies change their data protocols to make for smooth flow of work. And in this regards the Segregation of Duties happen to ensure proper authorization of employee access.

One category authenticated login primarily responsible for a lot of breach of access is the privileged accounts. These accounts are the ones which have the supreme access to business data. They access all sorts of details on the clouds without much limitation. If granted an access to privilege account, one can access all the information that exists on the cloud.

One access for all the data

Of course the senior level personnel will have a better access to the business data to administer their duties better. Right from checking the work done by the mid level or low level employees to checking on the enterprise performance, the multi-faceted duties involve a lot of access to the data. And thus these are the privilege accounts which are the most at risk. As these have access to almost entire data the loss or misuse of this harms the IT security. Internal policies must be developed for secured usage, multi-factor authentication as well as mechanisms to safeguard security breaches.

Privilege access challenges the IT security

Privilege access marks a lot of challenges to exercising IT security. There is lack of audit trail, loss of validation processes and the recording of the access does not exist. Therefore no system generally detects what happens through the privilege access accounts. This renders it impossible to track any transaction, documentary changes, file access etc at the time it is being done. To help save the critical business processes, and save from frauds, there needs to be secured monitoring of the IT security through privilege accounts.

Privileged access management for safety

A privileged access management helps understand the usage of the privilege accounts by monitoring the activities, compliance of policies and overview of the function through its system. Therefore it generates reports to give compliance to the IT administrators about the access. The activity logs, management, system safety etc is collected for the administrators for governance, security solutions and audit trails.

One of the underlying security threats of business data is access of the privilege accounts which generally do not have a limit to access. The activities logged through these accounts need monitoring to ensure safety of the business data and its seucirty!