Implementing an administered 360 degree feedback can point any business or organisation in the right path towards a positive work environment. A 360-degree feedback system is something you can use to measure the performance and competence of an organisation as well as it’s employees. Get a free 360-degree feedback survey to see for yourself today.

A group of employees and managers will anonymously take surveys rating the employee for specific performance objectives and also leave written comments. Many businesses try and save money by choosing to run their own 360-degree surveys, but miss out on some vital things. There are some key benefits of using a specialist fully administered 360-degree feedback service.

Improve Employee Performance with an Administered  360 Degree Feedback

One of the first key reasons to use a fully administered 360-degree feedback service is that the focused nature of the surveys allow employee performances to be improved. The survey focuses on competencies and behaviours specific towards that business. Employees personal goals and objectives are usually task or skill based (e.g. gain 4 new clients a month or improve the use of Excel), however without changes in behaviour, it is very rare that changes in performance can be sustainable. Therefore when looking at individual members of the company, their behaviour is analysed in regard to if their behaviour supports or hinders those they work directly with. Understanding this encourages and allows employees to rise to a new level of achievement that benefits not only themselves but the company as a whole.

Move Toward Performance Objectives

Performance objectives help you to get the most out of a 360-degree feedback service. Looking at employees behavioural development and the related metrics with the same seriousness and respect as performance objectives for the individual and the business. Using specific and measurable performance goals when looking at all of your employees isn’t enough, you should apply the same approach to measurable behaviour objectives. Looking at both behavioural and performance objectives alongside each other will help the company reach the performance targets much more easily. It is for this reason, that planning and implementing the system properly is so important and it is much easier to do this with a fully administered 360-degree feedback service.

Time and Cost Effective 360 Degree Feedback

The benefits of implementing a 360 feedback system are abundantly clear then. So what are the drawbacks? They sadly are very time to consume and expensive to implement directly and independently. The organisation will need to find a significant resource for the planning and managing of the process. If the impact of the system doesn’t consider both the individual and organisational resources and maturity when giving feedback, then the results could be skewed or inaccurate for a multitude of reasons. This is particularly important if the 360-degree Feedback system has a significant impact in terms of budget or personnel resource.

Using a fully administered external service for your 360-degree feedback has more benefits than just the obvious one of resource and quality. The storage of the feedback on independent servers can give staff the confidence that their data or concerns about the process are being handled confidentially. Most fully administered systems also provide both administrative and technical support, reducing or eliminating the requirement to source from the organisation’s IT department.

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